Electric Vehicle Charging Technology and Equipment Show EV Charge Show October 26-28, 2022 Istanbul Expo Center - Istanbul-Turkey

The Trade Show & Conference For EV Charging Station Technologies, Energy Storage & Battery Management Systems For Charging Facilities

Electric Vehicle Charging Technology and Equipment Show will bring together manufacturers, engineers, service providers, solution partners, and investors of Charging of EVs business. Join to witness the latest inspiring EV Charging technology and make valuable contacts for the new business opportunities.

"As electric vehicles usage becomes widespread, EV charging options at home, work, and on the road will be available all around. You can find the knowledge, technology, equipment, service and more for EV Charging Stations at the EV Charge Show."

How to Build an EV Charging Station

Building a charging infrastructure is a necessity for every country. Don’t miss to visit the EV Charge Show to meet the companies that offer the technology, equipment, products and services necessary for the building of this infrastructure.


EV Charging Hardware & Software, Smart & Fast Charging Solutions, Solar Energy Generation & Energy Storage & Battery Management Systems For Charging Stations... And For More Don't Miss The EV Charge Show!

Electromobility is the New Era

Electromobility is the next era of mobility and transportation for zero emission and a sustainable world. Range limits and insufficient number of charging points are the two critical issues that remained in the past. Driving electric vehicles should be as convenient as driving gasoline powered vehicles. The availability of charging points is a decisive factor in the further growth of electromobility in the coming years. Mobility providers, car manufacturers, energy providers, fleet operators, governments and all related establishments support the use of electromobility. Charging options at home, work, and on the road will be widely provided and supported by all related establishments.

Benefit both from the Trade Show and Conference

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News & Reviews

“Our comprehensive roadmap is ready to build the critically important charging infrastructure in Turkey” said Mr. Mustafa Varank, Minister of Industry and Technology of Turkey.

Mr. Varank
Minister of
Industry and

The “Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicle Charging Systems – Basic Terms and Definitions” standard has been prepared and published by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). Making statements about the standard, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said, “We have prepared a comprehensive roadmap to build the charging infrastructure, which is critical for the development of electric vehicles, especially TOGG in Turkey. In order to mature the charging ecosystem in a short time, we have determined the steps to be taken in important topics such as technical standards, legislative regulations and investment supports. This standard published by TSE also constitutes the basis and first step of the studies.” Read more …

A Widespread EV Charging Infrastructure Will Be Built In Turkey


Turkey plans to have a widespread charging infrastructure as the promise of Turkey’s Automobile Joint Venture Group Inc. (TOGG). TOGG established to develop electric, autonomous capable and connected vehicles in 2018. TOGG planned to start native electric, connected and autonomous capable series C-segment SUVs production in 2022. The manufacturing will shortly reach 175 thousand units a year. So, there will be a widespread charging infrastructure need in Turkey.

The company will produce a fully-electric C Segment sedan and Hatchback, an SUV in the B segment and an MPV in the C segment by 2030. You can click to read if you want a summary of the story about TOGG.

Benefit both from the Trade Show and Conference