EV Charging Technology and Equipment Show

26-28 OCTOBER 2022 Istanbul Expo Center, Istanbul, Turkey


EOS - Exhibitor Order System

After your application to EV Charge Show has been approved, you can manage your orders via the Exhibitor Order System conveniently.

  1. Entries for catalogue, exhibitor badges, system stand fascia names, etc.
  2. Orders for stand electric, stand furniture, display materials, digital printings, stand cleaning, hostess, etc.

Custom Stand Design & Construction

If you prefer a custom design stand, please send email to info@evchargeshow.com by stating your note. We will be pleased to guide you for the best possible solution.

Sponsoring & Advertising Options

Draw Attention to Your Company & Enhance Your Participation

Brand familiarity is a very important fact for purchasing decisions. You can use one or more of the marketing tools to enhance your presence and to promote your participation at the show. Seize the oppor­tunity to present yourself to the international EV Charging industry as a reliable partner.

Check List

We are pleased to see that you want to attend EV Charge Show as an exhibitor. For an optimum preparation of your appearance at the trade show, please check the following list.

  1. Sign and send your participation agreement.
  2. Plan your travel; book your flight and hotel.
  3. Plan your appearance at the trade show.
    a) If you have booked a system stand, you have to plan your stand furniture, digital printings, display units and all that you can order via Exhibitor Order System.
    b) If you have booked only raw space, you have to start the planning with the custom stand designer.
  4. Share your stand number and location with your clients and all your business network. 
  5. Plan your activities that you will do in your stand.
  6. Prepare your marketing materials to be presented in your stand.
  7. Submit your company information for trade show catalogue entry, your personnel names for badges, fascia name for system stand, and all required information via Exhibitor Order System.
  8. Contact us if you need any support regarding your participation.

Service Partners

Stand Design and Construction

Voli Stand Email: fatih.dede@voli.com.tr – Phone: +90 212 604 50 50

Flight and Hotel

Voli Centro Email: voli@volicentro.com – Phone: +90 212 604 51 00


DB Schenker Arkas
Contact: Mr. Sinan Akyol – Email: sinan.akyol@dbschenkerarkas.com.tr – Phone: +90 549 842 89 27

Contact: Ms. Nazan Tarım – Email: nazan.tarim@dbschenkerarkas.com.tr – Phone: +90 530 153 25 89

Logo & Banner

Let Everyone Know You Will Be There

You may use the event’s logo in your advertisements, print products relating to the trade fair, invitations and wherever else you connect with others.

Personalized logo with your booth details

For your mail-shots and advertising measures we offer you personalized logo with your hall and stand details. Please send email to info@evchargeshow.com by stating your note.

Logo RGB

Format: JPG
Dimensions: 1020 x 335
Size: 88 KB

Landscape banner

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Dimensions: 468 x 60
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Skyscraper banner

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Dimensions: 160 x 600
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